ThriftyThrivers is a community project with the aim to inspire people to take steps towards living a more sustainable life. It is one part a video series and one part a meetup-group.

In the video series individuals and organisations in Edmonton, Canada, that already are trying to live a more sustainable way will be featured. The aim with the project is that by showcasing people in your local neighbourhood it will inspire you to take action and the necessary steps to protect our planet.

The meet up-group is monthly gathering for people in Edmonton interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle and helping others in their community to do the same. It’s a is a group for anyone interested in subjects ranging from zero waste, slow fashion, plastic free living, composting, urban farming, repurposing and much more.

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The video series will be launched in the early summer of 2017  – to find out either subscribe to my YouTube-channel or sign up for my newsletter below to find out more and to stay tuned for the videos.

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My big vision

In the mean time you can check out the video below where I outline my vision for the world – what we could have if we take the necessary steps to create change and reverse the current situation:

x Matilda