I’m back! YouTube + New direction!

I am on a big mission. To inspire you and others to live an amazing sustainable and more eco-conscious life.

I have felt the urge to do something about this for awhile – but have been feeling overwhelmed and not knowing really where to start. Neither have I been completely sure on how to incorporate this into a blog about creativity or how to profile my Youtube-channel.

But then I realised creativity and sustainability go hand in hand. The practices that destroys our planet are also linked to the structures that destroy creatives and other people working in the supply chains.

Creativity is also where we can find solutions on how to create less waste, create new innovative materials and production solutions and build circular and zero waste business models just to mention some.

The future I imagine for us – if we do the work necessary to reverse the current issue with climate change – is a thriving and clean planet where we are all kind to one another and live in harmony with nature. 

Who does not want to create that?

I would love if you subscribed to my channel because we are on this journey together. I would also love to hear from you – what do you want me to share with you?
Do you know any great Youtube-channel you think I should check out? Is it maybe even your own channel..? Please leave a comment below (or on Youtube!) and let me know!


Lots of love,
x Matilda

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