#CreativeHabit no 13: Measure your success by how much fun you are having

Success built on unhappy action is like opening an empty present - you rip off the bow, tear through the beautiful wrapping and discover there is nothing left inside’ - Michael Neill

Nowadays when it comes to success my mantra is ‘I measure my success by how much fun I’m having’.
But it has not always been like that.
In the past I measured my success by the ‘old paradigm of success’ meaning working hard, putting the hours, wanting to have 6-figure biz, be an award winning designer and have a prestigious job etc etc.

In the end I was very stressed out and felt like a failure because I hadn’t achieved enough. Which made me believe I thought I was not enough.
And the work I did to come to this point? In hindsight a lot of it was not worth it – I didn’t enjoy what I was doing it at all and that realisation made me at first feel even worse. Why did I waste so much time doing things I didn’t enjoy?

I slowly came to realise that your work does not equal your worth (and sometimes I still need to remind myself of this).
It is easy to measure success on the amount of money in your bank, a high flying job or your relationship status. Do not get me wrong – there is nothing wrong to celebrate those successes – but I have learnt the hard way that nothing outside of us can make us truly happy. Happiness is an inside job.

I have come to realise that living a fun and fulfilling life is the greatest success of them all. Happiness is also a conscious choice that you need to commit to every single day. You can actually find joy even in the most joyless situations.

Sometimes when we know we need to do the work it can be easy to view what needs to be done as a chore. This is also especially true when it comes to the more mundane parts of your job.
In my case doing technical drawings in Illustrator and presentation boards for my portfolio are not highly fun-rated tasks. I love designing and I know this are tasks that cannot be avoided if I want to pursue a career as a fashion designer. Therefore I have decided to shift my perspective to make the tasks joyous rather than difficult and boring.

In the book Miracles Now Gabrielle Bernstein suggests to put the affirmation ‘I measure my success by how much fun I’m having’ in a place where you can see it often like on your desk, mirror or notice board.

Here is mine – feel free to print out and put it anywhere you like:

#CreativeHabit no 13: I measure my success by how much fun I am having

This year has really been a challenge for me and I have had a lot to deal with – and still more to deal with (e.g. bad break up, moving country and some other things I have avoided screaming for my attention). Despite this I have been feeling more happy and content than I have ever have before. This is because I made the commitment to myself to view the obstacles differently and to find joy even in the most joyless situations.

Make it yourself a daily reminder and commitment: Happiness is a choice you make!

x Matilda

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