#CreativeHabit 7: Go out and Observe!

#CreativeHabit 7: Go out and observe!

As spring is fast approaching I would this week encourage you all to go out and observe a bit more – especially if you are struggling with an idea.

Try to do some of your every day things a bit like take a different route to work. Or you can just have walk around your block. I would suggest you to try to really observe and look at things in a new way.
Having good routines and habits is all good, but from time to time we do benefit from doing things a bit differently – even if it is just as simple as to try a new lunch place or walk down a different street.

If you have a bit more time on your hands I would encourage you to take a field trip. My personal favourites are going to museums or surround myself with beautiful nature – but honestly it can be anywhere. No matter where you live you can turn a venue or destination into a valuable field trip – as long as you have a goal in mind.

As long as you go to e.g. a museum with a purpose you can rest assure that the time spent there will be valuable. It all depends on your project and where you are stuck.

You can observe a lot by watching - Yogi Berra

Here are some suggestions of where to go and what to do for your field trip:

Museums – if you live in London like me you are spoilt with choice and best of all – many also have free entrance.

Parks, forests and other green areas. Observe how the trees move, the sounds you are hearing, a stick you found, animals trying to get food etc.

A restaurant/coffee shop – Expect observing the obvious things like the food, the interior, the service you could also observe fellow guests.

People watching – A great way to get inspiration. You can always observe people and try to imagine their story, what they have been up to, their relationship with the person they are there with etc.

Farmer’s Market – Observe the food, the colours, the taste and the smell, the stall layouts etc.

Book store/Library – Two favourites of mine. Observe by wandering around. If a books attracts your – open it and see what it might teach you.

Flea market/Thrift store – You never know what kind of random ‘stuff’ you might find that will inspire you, as well as be useful for your creative projects.

Hardware store – I personally love to go to stores that seem far away from my skill as a knitwear designer. Hardware stores always have something that inspires me so I would encourage you to give them a try to. Maybe try to imagine what some of the items are used for, or if you know how they might could be used differently.

Graveyard – Wander around the stones, look at the shapes of the stones, imagine the people who were once living and their story. (If you live in London one of my favourites to visit is Highgate Cemetery.)

Fabric/yarn/art supply shops – All are great places to observe, and get inspired by new inks, fabrics and yarns is not something I think most of you find hard. However it is a dangerous place for most creatives’ wallets. To make sure you don’t overspend – remember the purpose of your field trip.

Hotel lobby – Go and observe luxurious hotel lobbies. Imagine that you were staying there and observe the space, the people etc.

Train tracks – Observe the sounds of trains going by, the look of the train cars, any graffiti painted onto them etc.

Cake and cupcake shops – A lot of these shops are very cute and inspiring places itself, and do not forget to observe the decorations and frostings of the cakes and cupcakes. Not at least the taste of the cakes.

Day trip to a new city – Maybe go to that city you talked about going for ages, or maybe just pick a place you do not know so much about. Then just wander around and explore.

Live music performances – Just observe how the music makes you feel, how the musicians master their skill, how they dress, how the stage look like etc.

Now I would love to hear from you about your favourite spots to get inspired at. Please leave a comment below and let us know! (I am sure others will benefit from knowing too.)