#CreativeHabit 11: How to find inspiration when you have none

#CreativeHabit no 11: How to find inspiration when you have none!

This week we will look into how to find inspiration when no inspiration is nowhere in sight, and once and for all bust the myth that you need “inspiration to work”.

A lot of times when I have ended up in this situation in the past I got into a negative thought spiral – where I just dismissed the ideas that I actually got. I was thinking they were not unique and interesting enough, and while it is true that there might not be any new ideas out there I can guarantee you that there always is a new way of connecting them.

So my tip no 1 when you have no inspiration is to remember that when you are dismissing your ideas to not be unique enough you’ll be able to look at it the from a new and different point of view. You might think that you do not have anything unique to offer – wrong! There is only one of you out there in the world, with your unique experience and skills no-one will look at things exactly the way you do.

When I was younger I used to also believe that I needed “inspiration to work”. This is a big creative myth I just want to bust right here and not! If you are gonna make a living as a creative you cannot only work when you are ‘inspired’.

So what can you do to make sure you can produce work even when you are not feeling inspired?

You can always look for great ideas by googling, go to galleries/museums, have a walk in the park or do anything else of my suggestions in Creative Habit no 7 “Go out and observe”. Although they are all great ways to find inspiration you cannot always take a field trip and/or wait for the eureka moment to appear.

My tip no 2 is therefor to record all your ideas you get in sketchbooks, notebooks, Evernote, Google docs. etc. Then you will always have ideas to work from even when you have ‘no inspiration’. For example when you are gonna write a blog post – you can just look at your blog post ideas and pick one.

By recording my blog ideas into Evernote “on the go” I have now enough material to keep myself busy and you happy for at least 2 years!

My tip no 3 is especially crucial if you are gonna go from amateur creative to professional creative, and that is to schedule time to be creative. Find space in your schedule when you dedicate time to just think, write, draw. If you find it difficult I would suggest you to start as small as 15 min, and then build it up to 3-4 hour blocks.

Remember that motivation comes from action, and once you get started you will notice how much easier it is, and you will more likely find something that sparks your interest and you can use in your project.

Now I would love to hear from you. What do you do when you have no inspiration? Let me know what have helped you in a comment below!

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