Hi! My name is Matilda and I am on the mission to help you create an amazing sustainable life!

This blog started out as a blog about creativity. I was fed up seeing creatives struggle, like I used to, and I wanted to help creatives get their work out there whilst experiencing success with ease.

I had a desire to somehow at some point talk about sustainability, slow fashion and how to live a more eco-conscious life. However, I did not know how to really incorporate it without spreading myself too wide.

Now I can really see how sustainability and living an awesome creative life goes hand in hand. I (re)started my Youtube-channel with the mission to share my experiences and insights and let you follow me on my journey. Check out the video above to find out a bit more about me and what my ‘new’ channel is about.

I would love if you would subscribe and leave a comment (either here, or on YouTube) what you would love me to do videos and/or blog posts about.

The inspiration behind this blog..

One day I met up with my dear friend Elisabeth. She started to rave about a book called The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp saying “I HAD TO READ IT” (but in Swedish with her cute Moomin-accent). She lent me her copy, and I started to read it feeling slightly skeptical.
Once I finished the book I thought: “Wow..! This book should be a must read for any design or arts related course!” Tharp shared everything I wished I had known at University about the creative process and producing your best creative work.

The book planted a seed in my head that later resulted in this blog. Another big inspiration for this blog, and in particular the #CreativeHabits, has been the book Miracles Now! by Gabrielle Bernstein. The book contains 108 simple techniques (based on principles from both ‘A Course in Miracles’ and Kundalini yoga) that can help you live a life with less stress, more flow and finding your true purpose. And who doesn’t want to experience that?


Lots of love,

x Matilda